Restriction optimization

Take control of your business mix.

Use restrictions to control your business mix. FLYR will suggest when to close out corporate rates and maximise revenue from your transient business.

Easy and quick

It only takes a few clicks to get started with restrictions. Configure them once and then manage them by exception.

Increase your ADR

Contracted business can hamstring your ADR performance if not managed effectively. FLYR can suggest when to constrain contracted business and leverage higher public rates.

Lightning fast updates

Need to make quick changes to your restriction configuration? Changes are populated to your PMS in seconds enabling you to actively control your strategy.

Does your revenue have room for improvement?

Not being too sure of anything is the beginning of greatness. Our exceptional science team has a combined 100 years of research experience and they're still learning every day. Speak to us about how we work and how our solutions can help you. You can't afford not to.