Hybrid accommodation

Six of the top ten hybrid brands already use FLYR

FLYR is the only hybrid-native revenue platform on the market with its seamless ability to handle multiple products. With six of the top ten hybrid brands in the world already enjoying the benefits, FLYR is the market-leading revenue platform for hybrids.

"I have worked with FLYR at both Generator and a&o. At both companies this platform completely transformed our revenues and ways of working. Our last analysis showed 27.4% RGI growth!"

Siim Karu - Chief Revenue Officer

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FLYR Customer: Mama Shelter
FLYR Customer: EasyHotel
FLYR Customer: Freehand
FLYR Customer: Lark Hotel
FLYR Customer: Machefert Hotels
FLYR Customer: The Hoxton
FLYR Customer: Sacher Hotels
FLYR Customer: The Social Hub
Handles complex inventory mix

FLYR is the market leading revenue platform for hybrids thanks to our unique multi-product and hybrid-native optimization and insights. Unlike other RMS - FLYR allows you to easily handle a complex inventory mix. From room types to stays, FLYR allows you to flex around your property needs...

Supercharge your revenue

Our algorithm is different and focuses on primary demand data while avoiding all the noise. That’s why we've been able to boost ADR and occupancy across all our properties and despite the effects of the pandemic...

Efficiency savings

FLYR does the heavy lifting so you can focus on what’s important - your revenue strategy and analysis. Our automated pricing and native business intelligence features will win you hours back every day. Say goodbye to wasting time changing prices and constantly generating reports!

Case Studies

Siim Karu - a&o Hotels and Hostels

Despite all the challenges of Covid and historically low occupancy, FLYR has really outperformed. We saw a 27.4% increase in our RGI in August 2020 versus 2019.

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Rhian Beaton - Clink Hostels

FLYR gives me the freedom to be more strategic and focus on the most effective sources of revenue. When I saw how well sales and ABR had gone...we are now fully automated across all 3 hostels.

Does your revenue have room for improvement?

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