Introducing FLYR Analytics

Lukas Hughes, Product Lead
Feb 17, 2021 - 3 minute read

Introducing the first business intelligence platform for hospitality - FLYR Analytics. True story. We’re revenue managers ourselves and we’ve always been frustrated that there has never been a tool that enabled us to build out our own customisable reporting framework. Everyone just seems to replicate the hottest spreadsheets doing the rounds and left us, the RMs, to use canned reports based on those generic sheets…until now!

How is FLYR Analytics different?

FLYR Analytics means proper flexibility around all your data in real-time and via your own customisable dashboard. It means no more having to rely on multiple vendors and scuttling across their multiple dashboards. FLYR Analytics is an all-in-one tool that will give you back control.

For far too long now, we’ve all been forced to look at the same type of reports because nobody has allowed us to actually explore and do proper analytics. Or worse - we’ve been updating old spreadsheets someone else built for the property years ago. Same old story - different point of view.

Nobody has actually empowered us RMs to be creative. To think differently about our data. To generate real insights that can drive new and game-changing strategies. We’ve been bored to death with the same old, same old.

We built FLYR Analytics to use transactional-level booking data from your PMS and empower users to view, filter, group or pivot the data in any shape or form necessary for their own analysis. That means you can explore your data in the way you want to and make real-time decisions off of it.

Let’s check out some of the sweet new features:


Build your own dashboard and reports in under a minute. Every property and RM has unique requirements and we get that. We want you to adapt reports to your own property and not be forced to use canned ones from the system if you don’t want to.

Explore your portfolio

FLYR Analytics lets you see the performance of each property and more. Now you can explore the data for your entire portfolio and go as granular or as broad as you need. It brings all your data into one place and gives Revenue teams a full overview of all their properties, irrespective of what countries they are in or the number of different PMS being used.

Filter away

Drill down into your own data as you see fit with our awesome filters. Select individual properties, specific room types, segment, inventory type, rate plan or channel. You name it - it’s possible.

Remember struggling to filter groups and properties in different countries and using multiple currencies? Now you can do it all in seconds with FLYR Analytics.

Real-time insights

In the world of RM business intelligence, FLYR Analytics is as close as it gets to real-time reporting. We pull reservation data from your system every few minutes and updates are never less than hourly. That means no more latency, so you can take decisions quickly and rest easy.

Where are your bookings coming from?

You are going to love our awesome heat maps that show you the country of origin of all your bookings. Particularly in a post-Covid world. Where are your guests coming from now? How have things changed? Check out that sweet ‘Volume Pick-Up’ map above to get an idea of what it looks like…

Automate schedules & alerts

Now you can schedule your reports to be delivered whenever, wherever and in whatever file type you want. Send any dashboard daily, weekly or monthly to an email address, Google Drive, Slack channel and more. You can even create alerts to be notified if any particular threshold has been met (eg. if you get a certain number of cancellations on a given day). Say goodbye to all those time consuming manual downloads. Sharing truly is caring.

How customers are using FLYR Analytics

  • Generate a detailed segmentation report understanding performance by segment against previous periods.

  • Spot outlier bookings to coordinate with the reservations team.

  • Build out custom dashboards for RM teams to align their daily reporting with different stakeholders with different interests, such as an executive team that only needs data from a birds-eye view.

  • Analyse pickup to understand how it’s performing by filtering for pickup and frequency of updates.

  • Schedule dashboards to be sent by email to key stakeholders in whatever format they prefer (PDF/Excel/PNG) so everybody is on the right page at the right time.

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